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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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rter: the new snow addd to the challenge for search teams who had to be brought in on armored personnel carriers, the manhunt targeted an eight-mile area where dorner'sr's torched pickup was found yesterday. >> we're going to continuemc searching until either we discover nahe left the mountain we or we find him one of the two. >> reporter: deputies searched 400 cabins and will check 200 more.ore arou the snow has grounded police helicopters. what's your instincts tell you? does this people like a dead does end? does this feel like it may have been a diversion. >> we're going to search in the mountain area to make sure. there are a lot of cabins upa there abandoned. we want to make sure he didn't find a place to hide out for the r night. >> dornerary rampage began sunday when police sea he shot and killed two people including the daughter a police captain s earlier, police say he exchanged gunfire with two officers in corona, california, when they tried to approach him. later, he ambushed two riverside
5:31 pm
policemen at a stoplight. one died.o dorner's trail has been cold since his pickup was discovered. today u.s. marshals in la palma,marsha california, searched the home of his mother. police remain on high alert inemai los angeles. dorner targeted several officers in a manifesto posted on his facebook page. he also boasted he could outsmart pursuers.mart he wrote, "i will utilize every bit of small arms trainingize e demolition, ordnance, and survival training i've been given." if dorner is somewhere around here, he may need those survival skills, scott. a we're expecting several more inches of snow and the temperatures here are already in the low 20s. >> pelley: ben, thank you. correspondent john miller is a former senior commander in the l.a.p.d. john, why did he go to big bear? >> well, he didn't go there by accident. that's not a road you make a wrong turn on.go the if you're going to go up that a roa mountain, it's because you intend to.'r there's one way in and one way out. i've been there many times.e wa it appears he didn't end whereeen the he wanted to. he broke the axle on that truck.
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his family had property up there t before. he's familiar with that area from when he was younger. it may be that he intended to break into one of the emptynto vacation homes and hide out, seek refuge. h it's cold and getting colder. or it may be that he wanted to get into one of those houses that find keys and get a car they're not looking for all over five counties. that's why that search was very important and why it unfolded quickly and why they're stillas trying to figure out which way he went, because that tells us about his next move. >> pelley: the hunt continues. john, thanks very much. the director of the national weather service calls it a very dangerous situation. two storm systems-- one from the west, the other from the south-- are colliding right now over the northeast. it is a classic nor'easter carrying three feet of snow and wind gusts as high as 70 miles an hour. major transportation hubs are closing. widespread power outages are expected. story but we have a team of correspondentsd?
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on this breaking story, but first we'll go to our weather consultant david bernard. david, where's the storm headed? >> reporter: well, let's take a thos look at the radar, scott. when we do that, we can see those two pieces of the storm is that we're referring to, thed main low is here south of long island, but here comes that second piece, and that's getting entrained into the low and that's going to cause the storm to continue to strengthen duringbe in the overnight hour. here's the storm as we go overnight and by saturday 7:00 a.m. the worst of the blizzard will be ino southeast new england, things will begin improving in new b jersey and also the new york metropolitan area, and it looks like by late in the day ha everybody should gradually begin to see some improvement. >> pelley: and how much snow? >> well, our accumulation map has shifted a little bit during the day today but, again, we're targeting southeastern new england where we see the purples and the pink. that's where we can see one to two feet of snow, and it's notstio out of the question an isolated spot may see more than that.t. still, six to 12 inches will be po possible back towards the south and also back toward the west.
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>> pelley: david, thank you very much. as as you just saw, boston is ground zero. it may get as much as three feet of snow. terrell brown has found thatnd land. travel there is coming to a halt by sea, air, and land. >> reporter: there's no escaping the blizzard in boston. massachusetts governor deval patrick has ordered all cars in this state off the road. >> the rate of snowfall and reduced visibility during the evening rush hour in particular will make safe travel nearly impossible. >> train to boston! >> reporter: amtrak service was shut down between new york and boston this afternoon. >> come on, guys, walk. >> reporter: jacqueline polnick's flight to cleveland was canceled. when we met her, she was desperate to catch a train to get her three kids home. >> it's just been really stressful trying to figure out how to maneuver the transportation system. >> reporter: it could be days until flights resume at boston's logan airport. planes out of new york's airports are grounded, too creating problems that extend
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beyond the blizzard. edward freni oversees operations at boston's airport. >> other airports are being affected by this. it takes time for the airlines to relink their crews with the aircraft once they start to get their systems back in order.orter: >> reporter: and, scott, the wind is picking up now along with that anyone caught violating thevi state's emergency ban on driving could face a $500 fine or a year in jail.>> p >> pelley: well, terrell, new yorkers are watching with two bad memories in mind: hurricane sandy, which was just 103 days ago, and the last blizzard two years ago that paralyzed the nation's largest city. here's jim axelrod. >> repoter: tonight, new york city is taking no chances. 1,700 snowplows have been deployed, 450 salt spreaders 65 front-end loaders.l mayor michael bloomberg. >> it's certainly not going to be a hurricane sandy, but that doesn't mean you can't get badly hurt or killed if you're not careful.
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>> reporter: the devastationan from super-storm sandy is a fresh memory, and so is the blizzard two years ago that dumped 20 inches here. the streets took days to clear hindering emergency vehicles and city buses. >> we're just basically stuck on this block, you know? >> reporter: g.p.s. tracking devices on garbage trucks will now allow new yorkers to punch their addresses into a web page and track when their block will be plowed. 6,100 sanitation workers are now mobilized. 400 more than two years ago. union president harry nespoli said they just started to catch their breath after sandy. >> i wouldn't say they're tired.d. they feel it, they extended themselves for sandy-- 12 hour shifts for 60 days. >> reporter: and here we go >> yes, and that's why they call new york's sanitation men new york's strongest.te >> reporter: new york city has roughly 6,300 miles of road. b that's enough to drive from here to los angeles and back.
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scott, the city has 250,000 tons of salt available to help keep all that roadway >> pelley: jim, thank you. super-storm sandy also knocked down defenses against storm surge all along the coast. tonight, with wind gusts of 70 miles an hour coming in from the atlantic, a lot of folks are casting a wary eye on the sea. seth doane is with them. >> this is supposed to be a high wall. all of this is leveled. where is the ocean going to go? it's going to go right over it. >> the sea berm that used tohood w protect franca costa's neighborhood was damaged by hurricane irene in 2011 and destroyed by super-storm sandy last october. she's anxiously watching the ocean. >> i need to come back in a couple hours and see where it is. >> keep your eye on the water? >> that's the main thing. i have to keep my eye on where the water is. >> reporter: when sandy hit, a wall of water nearly ten feet high washed through costa's w staten island neighborhood. her ho
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her house was one of a handful left standing.>> my >> my house got destroyed. it drowned. there was eight feet on the outside and six feet on the inside. >> reporter: thanks to neighbors and friends, flood insurance and fema, this 47-year-old legal secretary was able to rebuild. hou >> i just got back in my house in january, and now a couple of weeks later, we're being hit by a blizzard, a nor'easter. a blizzard wouldn't be so bad,. that's just snow, but the nor'easter, you have to worry about the ocean coming over the berm wall again. >> reporter: the storm surge from this blizzard is forecaste na to be just two to five feet, but with little natural protection flooding is a real concern. >> how many of these storms am i going to have to go through in a couple years, that maybe everything may get destroyed again? then that? am i going to have the energy to rebuild again and the financesug and to go through the whole thing again? it's just mind-boggling. >> reporter: there are just three homeowners left living on costa's street where there once
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were 35. scott, there are no evacuation orders, so they say they'll stay and watch over what they have left. >> pelley: going to be a long night. seth, thank you very much. in the internet age anyone can that were ha be targeted by hackers-- turns out even former presidents. today, a web site posted e-mails that were hacked from the account of dorothy bush cook the daughter of president george h.w. bush. in some of them, her brother ge george w. bush, wrote about their father's recent health issues. the family issued a statement calling this "an outrageous breach of privacy." the secret service is investigating. there is an update on malala the 15-year-old crusader thatan the taliban tried to murder. we've got an answer on what caused the lights to go out at the super bowl. and we'll take you to one of the world's great spectacles.
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the biggest gathering in human history could take place this weekend in india, during a pilgrimage for one of the world's great religions. it is a feast for the eyes, and millions of pilgrims have already arrived-- a sea of humanity on india's ganges river. we've waited 12 years for this festival to come around again, so we sent holly williams to witness the spectacle. >> reporter: from every corner of india and by every conceivable mode of transport,va rims are making their way toan prayag, the holiest place in the hindu world, for the biggest celebration on the hindu calendar, the maha kumbh mela,le held only once every 12 years. e drawn by their shared faith,
5:44 pm
they come here to purify themselves by bathing in the ganges, the river that nurtured india's 5 civilization. om kumar is a wheat farmer from's central india who told us he walked 300 miles to get why did you come from so fard away? he made the journey, he said because the water has special m power. for hindus, the ganges is a sacred river, and they believe that bathing here during the kumbh mela will wash away their signs. the pilgrims have set up camp in a sprawling city of tentsa complete with banks, its own police force, and traffic jams. but on sunday, which hindus consider the luckiest day for bathing, they expect the number to have swelled to 40 million people, the size of new york london, and paris combined. leading the crowds are india's colorful holy men.
5:45 pm
one of them is mahant ravindranand sarswati, who helped explain hindu beliefs including reincarnation. >> reporter: most of the pilgrims make do with basic conditions, but for a wealthy few, there's this luxury tented camp where one of the guests is an indian princess who normally lives in a palace. >> it's something that binds you all together. that faith in the ganges, in your gods-- as many as they are- - we are one. >> reporter: a ritual that's been celebrated by hindus fore thousands of years in a country of stunning contrast that still has power to draw the faithful. holly williams, cbs news, prayag india.
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5:49 pm
do their job well, but they come with a big risk. >> my liver started shutting down, my kidneys were shuttingrted down, my thyroid levels through the roof. >> reporter: 28-year-old kimberly-- who asked that we not use her last name-- nearly died from narcotic painkillers prescribed after a car accident. at first she only needed one orar two pills a day for the pain. but eventually she became addicted to the high. >> my tolerance started growing and i started taking two at a time, three at a time. it grew to 15 at a time. >> reporter: kimberly is not alone. in 1999 there were about 4,000 opiate-related overdose deaths in the united states. that figure more than quadrupled to 16,500 deaths in 2010. did you have any insight at the00 d moment that this was happening to you? >> i knew that i needed to stop. i knew i did, but i couldn't bring myself to do it. >> we are the most overly prescribed nation in the world.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: william coke moyers is vice president of the hazelden foundation, a drug treatment facility. he said doctors need better education about the risks of addiction and non-narcotic options for pain treatment. are doctors trained well enough in the management of chronicn pain? >> clearly doctors know the scourge of chronic pain, itsow legitimacy, but what they often don't know is how to deal with it for something other than writing a script. >> reporter: kimberly is at n treatment at phoenix house and has been drug free for eight months. >> who knows what's going to happen tomorrow, but i'll deal w with that then. but today i'm not getting high. and then tomorrow comes and i'll n try the same >> pelley: one day at a jon, the f.d.a. had a two- day hearing on this but what are the possible solutions to this problem? >> scott, they're focusing on education. patients think "this is a safe drug, my doctor prescribed it, it's f.d.a. approved." the f.d.a. is trying to rework that misconception.
5:51 pm
and the white house is trying something that when doctors apply to the d.e.a. to write the narcotics prescription first they have to take a course that teaches them how the correctly use it.y >> pelley: jon, thanks very much. we now know what caused the light to go out at the super bowl. w today the power company traced the problem to an electrical relay.da a brand-new device that wase pr installed specifically to prevent a power failure.led the company that made the relay insisted today there was no problem with the equipment t itself, that company says ithe just wasn't set up properly. why would people go out of their way to stand on this line? o steve hartman goes "on the road" to meet a mailman with a very special delivery, next. mailman with a ery [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer
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[ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. be-terrorist from blowing up a bay area bank. the bizarre plan aimed at starting a civil war. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take you don't expect the post office to be the highlight of your day unless you meet mike the mailman. he earned steve hartman's stamp of approval "on the road" in state college, pennsylvania. >> reporter: typically, post
5:55 pm
office lines breed anger and frustration. but at the head of this queue on the campus of penn state university in state college, pennsylvania, you'll find nothing but joy. >> i love coming in here. >> my mission is to make them have a little bit of levity on the way out and say, hey, it's not so bad after all. nice nails. >> thank you! >> reporter: to that end, mike kerr lives by a simple motto: if you can't say something nice about someone -- >> that is one of the nicest coats. >> reporter: -- you're just not looking hard enough. >> you did a good job. >> reporter: even if it's only how nicely they filled out their forms. >> you're a natural. >> reporter: and he has been like this with just about every customer every day for 38 years. >> nice, too, very nice. >> reporter: how do you keep this up for so long? you're stumped by this question. >> this is what i do. i'm just myself. that's all i can do. how's your mom doing? >> reporter: the man really is pure heart, which is part of the reason the lines are so long here. you come in to buy stamps when you don't need stamps? >> yes. >> reporter: that's amazing. nicole logan is a regular. >> because he just makes your day so much better. >> these are for you, mike. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: and because kindness begets kindness, mike gets quite a few special
5:56 pm
deliveries himself. the kids have made him grand marshal of the homecoming parade. and once in 2000 when the postmaster told mike he had to take down all the posters and pictures decorating his office -- >> now is the time for action! >> reporter: -- the kids took to the streets. >> mike the mailman is the greatest, most dedicated man i have ever met in my entire life. >> reporter: and to think mike has earned this much loyalty and devotion just by talking to them at a counter. >> very delightful-looking package. >> thank you. >> you really have no idea who you're going to influence and when you're going to influence them. does that make sense? >> reporter: michael aitkenhead is a high school teacher in connecticut. he got his master's at penn state. and although he didn't know mike the mailman very well, years later when he was awarded teacher of the year in his district, guess who he thanked for his success. >> the one person i'm always going to remember and probably taught me the most about life was actually mike the mailman. it was honestly his example that kind of taught me, it's not what you do in life, but it's how you do it. >> reporter: now, that's
5:57 pm
something to write home about. steve hartman, "on the road" in state college, pennsylvania. >> thanks, hi. >> and that's the "cbs evening news." for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. i'm see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. the fbi says a would-be bay area bank bomber was trying to trigger' civil war with help from the taliban. his target, a bank of america building in oakland. but kpix reporter linda yee tells us it didn't work because it was actually the feds who helped him build the bomb. >> reporter: the target was this bank of america branch near the oakland airport. domestic terrorist suspect matthew llaneza who lives in san jose told the fbi he wanted to blow it up an act of violent jihad he hope would create a government crackdown leading to
5:58 pm
civil war. so he met with a man that he thought was connected to the taliban and the mujahideen in afghanistan. it turned out he was an undercover fbi agent. the suspect brought the undercover agent here where they could do a little surveillance. the suspect pointed out some of the support beams where they could possibly park that car bomb and when it detonated, it would bring down this entire bank. and according to the criminal complaint, llaneza told the fbi agent he would dance with joy when the bomb exploded. bank customers today were shocked to hear about the plot. >> yeah. not good. i don't like to hear things like that. that's kind of scary. >> wow. you know? it's as real as you're going to get for something to come that close to home. happily --hopefully -- thankfully it was thwarted. >> reporter: the plan was to get a storage locker in hayward and build the bomb in the back of an suv. the fbi rented a unit and when the agents showed it to him,
5:59 pm
llaneza laughed and hugged the agent. together, they built the bomb using harmless simulated chemical explosives. the fbi says llaneza loaded 12 five gallon buckets into the back of an suv each containing what he thought was a powerful explosive mixture. he bought two cell phones, one to be used as a detonator, the other as a trigger. so it was just after midnight today when the suspect drove that suv to the bank, parked under the overhang, took one of his two cell phones that he figured would detonate the bomb, and instead federal agents came out of nowhere and arrested him. now, llaneza hatched this plan back in november. he was able to be fooled by that fbi agent all these months up to his arrest today. live in oakland, linda yee kpix 5. >> just glad the fbi is watching guys like this. >> reporter: i wonder about all


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